Hot soups and stews | Christine Haas | Tape 2

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Small Edition - Volume 2: Hot favorite soups and stews that warm the stomach and soul.

Wonderful fillers:
Sophisticated soups and stews

They warm you from the inside and are good for your soul. Enjoy the excellent Asian coconut soup, the cheese dumpling soup or the hearty savoy cabbage stew as well as the pumpkin chili.

Or how about the cauliflower sausage soup, the rice and paprika pot or a sweet potato soup? The glass noodle pot as well as the mushroom dumpling soup with homemade beef broth are also not to be scoffed at. There is something here for every taste. All recipes have been tested several times with the TM31 as well as with the TM5.

Many are suitable for vegetarians or can be prepared vegetarian (see green star*).

You will find: 61 recipes with color photos, 45 of them for vegetarians

Recipe directory
Recipes with a green star* are also suitable for vegetarians
or can be prepared vegetarian.

Asian coconut soup with chicken*
Asian noodle pot*
Cauliflower and wild garlic soup*
Cauliflower sausage soup*
Cauliflower stew with potatoes*
Bean and tomato stew*
Broccoli and cheese soup*
Broth with vegetables*, chicken or beef
Cream of mushroom soup with parmesan*
Pea and bacon stew / pea soup*
Glass noodle pot*
Semolina dumpling soup*
Gyros soup
Minced cheese soup / Minced tomato soup
Carrot curry soup* / Carrot ginger soup*
Potato goulash with wiener and debreziner* / cheese gnocchi soup
Cheese omelet soup* / Potato and lentil soup*
Kohlrabi stew* / Kohlrabi soup*
Pumpkin-sweet potato soup with vegetable cubes*/ pumpkin vegetables*
Lasagna soup
Leek and potato soup with shrimps/salmon gnocchi*.
Leek and bacon soup au gratin
Cream of corn soup*
Minestrone with tortellini and diced chicken*
Noodle vegetable pot* / Noodle mince pot
Paprika ricotta soup*
Mushroom dumpling soup
Rice-pulp pot
Rice and onion pot with minced meat
Rice-pepper pot with beans*
Brussels sprouts potato stew
Sauerkraut potato stew*
Sauerkraut and onion stew*
Celery-apple soup*
Sweet potato-celery soup*
Breadcrumb dumpling soup*
Spinach gnocchi pot*
Asparagus soup*
Sweet potato soup asian*
Sweet potato cabanossi soup
Tomato mozzarella soup*
Tomato soup exotic*
Savoy cabbage stew* / Savoy cabbage soup*
Zucchini vegetable soup*
Zucchini mushroom soup*
Zucchini and carrot soup with potatoes and sausage* / Zucchini and sheep cheese soup* / Zucchini and sheep cheese soup
Zucchini sheep cheese soup*
Zucchini tomato minestrone*