Main dishes to enjoy, so cooking is fun! | Christine Haas | Tape 9

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 9: Main dishes to enjoy, so cooking is fun!

And today there's: Either curry chicken sweet and sour, a warming broccoli cream soup, a hearty pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, served with delicious Cambozola® rice...

...or Mexican goulash, the filet pot, or rather something vegetarian... here the decision is really not easy!

Often it just has to go fast, either the time for elaborate cooking is missing or as it is
it (with me) is usually the case: the stomach growls. But do not worry, with these great recipes conjure up
you in a short time enjoyable meals on the table.

And of course I have thought of all vegetarians. Very many dishes can also be prepared vegetarian.

You will find here: 66 dishes with color photos, 49 of them for vegetarians

Recipe directory

Recipes with one star* are also suitable for vegetarians
or can be prepared vegetarian.

Wild garlic pasta casserole*
Wild garlic salt*
Wild garlic pesto / Wild garlic spaetzle*
Blue cabbage / white cabbage*
Pretzel dumplings, bread dumplings, napkin dumplings*
Cream of broccoli soup*
Mushroom and cheese cutlet with onion rice
Couscous in tomato sauce with eggplant and fish*
Curry chicken sweet and sour*
Filet cutlet with parmesan cookies
Fillet pot au gratin
Meatballs mediterran with ribbon noodles*
Vegetable soup with spicy kolbasz or chorizo*
Sliced meat in tomato-sherry sauce
Grünkernpflanzerl with buttered vegetables*
Mexican goulash with gnocchi
Meatballs au gratin with noodle rice*
Meatballs mediterranean with mashed potatoes
Chicken breast greek with fried potatoes, dip
Chicken escalope Tomato-Cambozola®
Hawaii cutlet with rice
Oatmeal soup*
Potato gratin*
Minced potato casserole
Cream of cheese soup with leek*
Cheese dumplings with cabbage*
Kohlrabi potato soup with sausages*
Kohlrabi potato soup*
Pumpkin bolognese casserole
Pumpkin-potato-and-beef dumplings with cream cheese dip*
Pumpkin salad*
Pumpkin risotto*
Pumpkin cubes with cheese-cream sauce*
Salmon in marinade with basil butter potatoes*
Salmon lasagne*
Liver dumpling soup / liver spaetzle soup
Lentil stew*
Lentil-tomato soup / lentil risotto*
Mango chicken with basmati rice and broccoli*
Mud pudding
Minute steaks with vegetable rice and light sauce*
Noodle-vegetable gratin*
Noodle-vegetable soup / Quick noodle soup*
Turkey "Tomato-Mozzarella*
Turkey-pineapple-pan with rice*
Turkey cubes with Chinese vegetables, pineapple and rice*
Rice-vegetable casserole*
Rice thaler with curry sauce*
Raw vegetable salads*
Brussels sprouts casserole*
Röstis with dips*
Salad dressings*
Snake food
Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon w. Cambozola® rice*
Bread dumplings*
Asparagus Asian*
Asparagus Bavarian style*
Asparagus and potato casserole*
Spaetzle casserole*
Bacon beans with mashed potatoes and steak*
Spinach and cheese spaetzle*
White cabbage*
Sausage goulash
Zucchini and peppers stuffed
Zucchini cream sauce with salmon and potatoes*
Zucchini cream soup*
Zucchini curry goulash with pork tenderloin*
Zucchini risotto with yogurt*
Zucchini slices breaded*