Main dishes - quickly made and brought to the table | Christine Haas | Tape 7

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Tape 7: Main dishes - quickly made and brought to the table.
"And from now on there's only satisfied faces at the table!" Do you feel the same way? You don't know what to cook again today. Then browse a bit in this book, let yourself be inspired by my recipe ideas and then try out one dish after the other. You will be thrilled.

Vegetarians will also get their money's worth here. There are also meat and fish-free dishes.
In many recipes you can omit meat and fish without substitution or use more vegetables instead.
vegetables. Just browse through, you will surely find something for your taste.

You will find 66 dishes with color photos.

Recipe directory
Recipes with one star* are also suitable for vegetarians
or can be prepared vegetarian.

Chili con Carne
China soup*
Couscous chicken with vegetables*
Curry rice with chicken*
Ebly® with feta vegetables and tomato sauce*
Enchiladas / Mexico salad
Filet skewer with pepper sauce, fries and beans*
Vegetable lasagna*
Sliced meat with potatoes in mustard sauce
Goulash soup
Gyrosgeschnetzeltes with rice in Chantré sauce
Italian meatballs with rice and vegetables*
Minced feta balls with zucchini and tomato sauce*
Minced meat and cheese nests
Chicken Hawaii*
Chicken au gratin with pumpkin mashed potatoes
Chicken cutlets with curry sauce*
Chicken coconut cutlets with rice*
Chicken mango rice*
Veal cutlet
Potato casserole with bacon*
Mashed potatoes*
Potato-carrot soup with cabanossi*
Potato salad*
Cheese cutlet with tomato butter spaetzle
Cheese spaetzle*
Garlic-tomato spaghetti*
Pumpkin with minced meat filling
Pumpkin-potato-pot with wiener*
Pumpkin sauce with spaghetti*
Pumpkin soup*
Salmon with tagliatelle, broccoli and dill cream sauce*
Salmon with wild rice and cambozola sauce®*
Salmon pasta casserole*

Lasagna Carbonara*
Lasagna with mushroom cream sauce*
Mexico salad*
Mexican noodle casserole
Pasta-broccoli casserole*
Pasta-ham casserole*
Pasta pot Arrabiata*
Noodle pot asian*
Paprika cutlet with rice*
Stuffed peppers
Turkey and cured pork cubes with rice and bell pepper*
Turkey vegetable goulash*
Turkey cutlets with mushroom sauce*
Sliced beef soup*
Risotto Pear-Cambozola®*
Raw vegetable salads*
Salad dressings*
Sauerkraut w. smoked pork loin, cabanossi, mashed potatoes
Shish kebab pot with rice*
Schnitzel pot with potatoes and vegetables
Schupfnudeln "Stemperl" with cabbage*
Pork medallions with camembert sauce*
Pollack with mustard-curry sauce*
spaetzle / tomato butter spaetzle*
Spaghetti sausages with tomato sauce*
Asparagus with salmon and hollandaise sauce*
Italian asparagus casserole
Asparagus chicken ragout*
Suflaki with rice and tzatziki
Tomato mascarpone sauce / tomato ricotta sauce*
Tomato sauce*
Zucchini pancakes*