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Chopping is a thing of the past: we slice. More precisely than ever before - even for the smallest of cuts!
So that fruit and vegetable chopping no longer takes up most of the cooking, we have developed our innovation of the year - the Wundermix WunderSlicer® for Thermomix TM5, TM6 & TM31 - for you. A real nerve saver that turns fruits and vegetables into small and larger slices and grates in no time at all. The WunderSlicer is also available for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend & Smart!

As an extension to our WunderSlicer®, there is now the Wundermix split feeder. This allows the feed chute to be divided into two parts, so that optimal slicing results can be achieved even for small pieces of sliced food.
Tiny onion pieces? Finest carrot shavings? Wafer-thin slices of leek?
No problem with the new Wundermix feeding aid for the WunderSlicer®.


  • Divides the feeding chute of the WunderSlicer® for precise slicing results
  • 2 in 1 function for small and large sliced material
  • Safe feeding of the sliced material thanks to perfect adhesion to the contact tips
  • Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-free
  • Sustainable production made of food-safe plastic
  • Regional production - Made in Germany
  • Compatible with the WunderSlicer® for Thermomix and also for the WunderSlicer® for Monsieur Cuisine

One-piece use

Insert one feed divider half into the feed chute on the left. Insert the sliced material into the divided chute. Use the second half to slowly feed the food to the slicing blade while applying slight pressure.

Two-part use

Connect the two feed divider halves with the retaining clip. Place the material to be cut in the lid chute. Using the connected feed aid, slowly feed the material to be cut to the cutting knife under slight pressure.