Peddigree proofing basket | oval Ø 31 cm

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Our oval proofing basket made of natural wicker provides optimal conditions after the preparation of the dough before baking, which is necessary for good bread dough to develop properly.

Proofing baskets promote the proofing process before baking by supplying the dough with sufficient oxygen. Thus, they give the airy bread a nice crust, aromatic flavour, a beautiful shape and its typical grooved structure. Proofing baskets have been in use for over a hundred years, as they improve the baking process and taste many times over.


  • Handmade from 100% natural wicker
  • Suitable for loaves up to 1.5 kg
  • Dough pieces get their desired shape
  • Absorbs the moisture that escapes
  • Provides ideal aeration of the dough
  • The grooved pattern improves crust formation
  • Can also be used as a decorative bread basket

Instructions for use:
Knead the bread dough according to the recipe and put it into the proofing basket coated with flour. After the desired proofing process, turn the dough out onto a well-greased baking pan and bake the bread until it is crispy.

Attention: The proofing basket must not be used as a baking pan for the oven.

Length: 31
Width: 14.5
Height: 7.5