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Discover completely new taste experiences when steaming with the FlexiSteam silicone casserole dish from Wundermix!
FlexiSteam offers incomparable convenience when steaming with the Varoma.
Especially for fans of steam-cooked omelettes, the FlexiSteam is a real must-have Varoma accessory.
Leaking meat juices no longer drip onto the vegetables and cutting baking paper is now a thing of the past!

FlexiSteam has been optimised for maximum volume in the shelf, but at the same time allows ideal steam circulation for even cooking results.
Thanks to its high inherent stability, FlexiSteam can be easily inserted into the shelf and safely removed even when hot.
For the sake of the environment, FlexiSteam can be reused as often as you like and is 100% made in Germany.


  • Effortless cooking of omelettes, fish, meat, cakes in the insert base
  • No dripping of cooking liquids onto the vegetables in the Varoma container
  • Perfect addition to the Varoma of the TM6, TM5 and TM31
  • High inherent stability for easy removal
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly
  • Platinum-cured and food-safe silicone
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany

What are the advantages?

1. Use of materials of the highest quality
When you hold our silicone casserole dish in your hands for the first time, you notice immediately: the FlexiSteam is a real quality product.
The special feature is the so-called platinum cross-linking, which additionally seals the surface of the FlexiSteam and creates a non-stick effect.
Excellent cleaning properties and the highest standards of hygiene are the reason why platinum-cured silicone is also very popular in medicine.
It goes without saying that FlexiSteam is 100% food-safe, BPA-free and 100% made in Germany!

2. High inherent stability
When handling a hot silicone mould, inherent stability is crucial.
With our FlexiSteam, we rely on a generous wall thickness.
This ensures that the casserole dish retains its stability even outside the insert base and that the cooked contents cannot flow out.
In addition, the base of the FlexiSteam is reinforced by integrated struts so that the dish can be removed from the Varoma safely and without buckling using the two handles.