Replacement sealing ring suitable for the Thermomix mixing knife and WunderCap


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Nothing lasts forever if it is not properly looked after on a regular basis. Therefore, even some parts of the Thermomix® may show slight signs of fatigue after a few years. One small weak point, for example, is the sealing ring on the mixing knife. Under normal circumstances, this seals the mixing bowl reliably and prevents liquids from leaking into the mixing bowl base. If some liquid were to run out of the mixing bowl unimpeded, it would not only make a mess, but in the worst case, the Thermomix® could be severely damaged.

What few Thermomix® owners are aware of is that the seal, as a safety-relevant component, should be replaced at regular intervals to prevent damage to the appliance. Over time, the material can become porous due to UV radiation from the sun, cleaning agents or simply the natural ageing process, and the mixing bowl would no longer be leak-proof.

We recommend replacing the knife seal every 2 years as a prophylactic measure or if there is moisture on the knife holder after cooking.
When developing and manufacturing the blade sealing ring, we at Wundermix focused on high-quality materials, long-lasting safety and a perfect fit. Our sealing ring for the mixing knife and the WunderCap seals the mixing bowl of the Thermomix with 100% reliability.


  • Replacement sealing ring for the mixing knife and WunderCap
  • Seals the mixing bowl of the Thermomix with 100% reliability
  • Made of food-safe materials
  • High-quality silicone ensures long-lasting safety
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany

Instructions for use

  1. Remove the old seal from the Thermomix® knife or WunderCap and dispose of it.
  2. Put the new seal underneath the knife or WunderCap and press the seal against it to ensure that it lies evenly against the bottom surface of the knife or WunderCap.
  3. The knife or WunderCap is now ready for use again.
  4. The seal should be replaced with a new one after about 2 years.