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Hint: This book is written in german language!

Eat well every day! Get your reference book with the best recipes for lunch and dinner that your kids and adults will love. With the new cookbook for you and your Monsieur Cuisine, you can finally prepare all your favorite dishes yourself that will make you really happy.

Learn how to make goulash the way your mom used to make it, and find out that you can prepare meatballs "Toskana", chili con carne, potato soup or creamed meatballs without using a ready-made mixture from the packet. This way you can cook your family fresh food every day that tastes good and is really healthy.

In the valuable guides, you'll learn how to make bechamel sauce for classic lasagna or roux for the perfect fricassee. We'll give you our best tips for cooking with cheese: which one melts especially well, which one makes the crispiest crust on the casserole. Now you can even prepare homemade minced meat - it doesn't get any fresher than this!


  • The 65 best family recipes for Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Plus
  • Step-by-step instructions that make every dish easy to prepare
  • Clearly arranged shopping lists for each recipe
  • Basics homemade: pizza, fries, ground beef seasoning & more homemade
  • Favorite salad dressings: Italian, Sylter, Caesar and herb dressings
  • 144 pages with inspiring color photos that make you want to cook

In the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, moments spent together are especially important. At the dining table we exchange ideas and enjoy together. To make cooking easy for you and to serve a dish that your loved ones will enjoy every day, we have written this cookbook.

For easy orientation you will find our popular family dishes in different sections. With all the recipes, you'll find that from now on you won't have to buy any ready-made products - because with your Monsieur Cuisine, goulash, pasta gratin or even curry will be completely homemade, step by step. The magic pot does most of the work and ensures perfect results. The best thing is that it simply feels good to know what's in the food we serve our loved ones.

Enjoy browsing and have fun mixing, as well as many cozy moments of pleasure with the whole family.

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144 pages
65 recipes
ISBN: 978-3-96417-191-7