Eat & Love - Our Every Day Kitchen with Heart

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Known for their great Thermomix recipes from their blog "Food with love", Manuela and Joëlle Herzfeld have been in the food scene for a long time and their more than 660,000 followers love them for it! Their previous books are all bestsellers and so is their app. With their new book, the two are fulfilling a heart's desire that has been rumbling around in their heads for a long time. In their new cookbook, they show you exciting new recipes that couldn't be easier. And all without the Thermomix - because they're leaving it out this time!

So much love is in it:

On 176 pages with fantastic food photographs the simple recipes are presented
70 savory and sweet dishes are waiting for you: Finger foods, bowls, soups, casseroles, desserts and much more!
Grandiose taste and yet so simple: Easy recipes for everyday life with a special twist
A new journey has begun for these bestselling authors. But this should not deter from the simple recipes that can be easily prepared in everyday life.