Steam Juicer Primer for the Thermomix

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Fresh juices not only taste delicious, they are also super healthy and true energy torpedoes. They can have an anti-inflammatory effect and support good intestinal health. Your body's acid-base balance is balanced and positively regulated.
This is pure wellness to drink!

And thanks to the Thermomix, making these juices is as easy as can be.
With it, you can juice quite easily and also in an energy-saving way, without having to buy another bulky special device for it.

The Steam Juicer Primer contains many tips and recipes for juicing with the Thermomix.

Note: This guide to steam juicing with the Thermomix assumes that one of the handy Simsafix or Mixfino add-ons will be used when juicing.

ISBN: 978-3-033-08705-7
Publication year: 2021