Calotti® Silicone + | Rotating scraper spatula for Thermomix TM6/TM5/TM31 for removal, scooping and portioning


[ Thermomix TM5 Thermomix TM31
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Put an end to the annoying scratching and poking between the blades of the mixing bowl knife and remove up to 90% of the remaining mass that is still at the bottom of the mixing bowl in no time.

The Calotti spatula is the perfect accessory for the mixing bowl of your Thermomix. It is a real innovation from Germany, which is also manufactured in this country.

Suitable for the mixing bowl of the Thermomix TM6, TM5 and TM31. The Calotti spatula fits perfectly between the blade and the mixing bowl wall and picks up the food to be mixed in no time with its flexible silicone flank.


INSERT, ROTATE, REMOVE: The Calotti rotating ladle spatula makes it easy to pick up, remove and portion food from the mixing bowl.
FLEXIBLE SILICONE FLANGE on the ladle picks up food even better and fits snugly against mixing bowl wall.
extra large ladle holds 35% more food.
HANDLE = MINISPATEL The optimized 2 in 1 soft-touch silicone handle for comfortable handling, can also be used as a mini spatula.
EASY PORTIONING: with unique silicone ladle, food can be served directly from the mixing bowl and cake batter can be easily distributed in the mold.

We use only food safe, tested premium materials from leading German manufacturers and test our Calotti rotary ladle spatulas for food safety.
Suitable for the preparation of baby food
Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 120°C

Extra large ladle: 35% larger scoop volume
Stable guide on the mixing bowl blade
Easy handling due to patented centering function
Improved absorption of liquid and soft ingredients due to the flexible silicone flank
Fits perfectly between blade and mixing bowl wall
Facilitates picking up, removing and portioning food

Easy handling due to patented centering on the mixing bowl axis!
Place the ORIGINAL Calotti rotary ladle intuitively and easily on the mixing bowl axis.


The ORIGINAL Calotti rotary ladle spatula fits exactly between two knives and can thus be turned effortlessly without slipping!


In the blink of an eye, the food can be picked up and removed from the mixing bowl!


At the table, dishes can be effortlessly removed from the mixing bowl and served directly.

Minimized CO² footprint

We work exclusively with local suppliers and use plastic-free packaging for our Calotti rotary ladle spatulas.

Test me

When the mixing bowl is empty, the silicone flank brakes.
Please always test your Calotti rotary ladle spatula directly with mixing food.

Before first use

Please rinse the Calotti spatula before first use.
The spatula is dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 120°C.

Safety instructions

Only use the Calotti spatula when the mixer is turned off and the mixing bowl is removed from the kitchen appliance.
Do not scrape the Calotti spatula along the sharp blades of the mixer, this may damage your spatula.