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Do you love it when the bread from the bakery is still warm and fresh and smells so wonderful? Then from now on bake your own homemade bread that tastes better than store-bought. Experience how you can make everything from a crispy Sunday roll to a spicy farmhouse bread!

In this baking book you will find our 65 favorite recipes for wholemeal, brown and mixed breads, hearty rolls, soft yeast pastries, hearty party breads and much more. For each recipe, Monsieur Cuisine weighs everything exactly for you, grinds the grain into flour and kneads the dough for you. You then serve wonderful bread from your own oven.

In the practical guides you will also find many specific baking tips, valuable checklists and the most important basics for baking yourself, explained in an understandable way. You'll find out step by step how you can now easily bake your favorite breads yourself with Monsieur Cuisine. We reveal tips for delicious express breads that can be made without waiting and with our large flour check you can now distinguish between all types and types. Become a baking professional with Monsieur Cuisine!

Your team at monsieur cuisine by mein ZauberTopf wishes you lots of fun mixing and enjoying


WHOLE GRAIN: Simply bake rustic classics yourself like from the bakery

SOURDOUGH: The most important basics for beginners

BREAD WITHOUT WAITING: Express dough that can be put in the oven straight away

BAKING CHECK: Yeast, baking powder or sourdough – this is how you can use them successfully

BUNS: Soft, crispy or grainy – perfect for Sunday breakfast

PLUS: Super delicious spreads and dips from Monsieur Cuisine

PAGES: 144 pages | RECIPES: 65 recipes | ISBN: 978-3-96417-228-0