Baguette tray with non-stick coating by Wundermix

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A table set with aromatic antipasti, roasted meat, spicy dips and delicate wine, accompanied by a fluffy baguette. So simple – so delicious. For some, baguettes are the epitome of sunny holidays by the sea and for others of convivial barbecues with friends.

Be it a traditional French baguette, an onion baguette, a rustic baguette or an Italian ciabatta – which flavour it should have and how elaborate the production of the baguette may be is up to everyone. But one thing is certain: if you are determined to bake the baguette with a pre-dough, you will be rewarded with a particularly airy and crusty bread.

Wundermix ensures that the baguette stays in good shape during baking. The baguette tray has space for 3 baguettes. Thanks to the perforated surface of the tray, heat can be uniformly diffused. In addition, the perforation provides the dough with better oxygen during the baking process, so that it can rise further on the one hand and form an even crispy crust on the other.
Thanks to the non-stick coating, the finished baguettes can easily be removed without greasing the tray beforehand. Baking paper is also no longer needed.

Tip from the Wundermix Team

Airy, fluffy and crispy – that's how baguette should taste. The French baguette has other purposes other than being served as a side dish with antipasti or for barbecuing. As a croque or sandwich, it can be topped and baked to your liking. If you are still looking for a tasty recipe: How about our sandwich baguettes à la Subway – we can't get enough of them!


  • French-style crispy baguette
  • Space for 3 baguettes
  • The baguettes stay in shape
  • Perforated moulds for ideal heat diffusion
  • Surface with non-stick coating
  • The mould fits all standard ovens
  • Also suitable for baking
  • Can be used up to 230°C


  • Length: 38.5 cm
  • Width: 28 cm
  • Height: 3.5 cm