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Effortless peeling of potatoes or carrots without tedious manual work
Up to 1000g of vegetables per peeling process
Maximum yield - hardly any abrasion on the inside of the potato
Removable grating plate for thorough cleaning
For Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Connect and Trend
Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany

"Potatoes or noodles as a side dish? Noodles! I don't have to peel them first ..."
Peeling potatoes is probably one of the most unpopular steps in the kitchen.
Despite the many practical functions of the all-rounder kitchen machine, until recently the laborious preparatory work was one of the few tasks that had to be done by hand.
From now on, your Monsieur Cuisine can also peel potatoes - the WunderPeeler makes it possible!

How does the WunderPeeler V2 work?

The WunderPeeler is simply attached to the mixing knife and rotates during the peeling process.
The rotating grating disc ensures that the skin of the potato is removed thoroughly and efficiently and dissolves finely grated in the peeling water.
After the peeling process, the potatoes are rinsed with cold water and can then be further processed.
Peeling potatoes with the WunderPeeler® is fast, easy, effective and, unlike conventional peeling, a lot of fun!

For which food processors is the potato peeler compatible?
The WunderPeeler Monsieur Cuisine is compatible for the models Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend and Smart. A separate version is available for the Thermomix TM6, TM5 and TM31.

Safe is safe
The Monsieur Cuisine is a valuable kitchen appliance. Therefore, our top priority is to ensure that it will not be damaged by the use of our WunderPeeler. Over many months, experienced engineers have developed and tested our WundePeeler® under the strictest safety requirements.
All components meet the highest quality standards, compliance with which is regularly checked and ensured.


Make sure the friction disc is properly engaged in the plastic carrier.
Place the WunderPeeler on the mixing blade.
Weigh 500g of cold water and 1000g of raw potatoes into the mixing bowl. Observe the maximum capacity of the mixing bowl.
Place the lid and measuring cup on the mixing bowl.
Turn the selector to speed 1 to start the food processor.
Slowly increase the speed until level 4 is reached.
Check the peeling result after 5-8 minutes and increase the time if necessary.
Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into a sieve of sufficient size and wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water.

Tips and tricks
- For best peeling results, use medium sized, evenly grown potatoes.
- The amount of potatoes can be reduced if necessary, as long as it is not less than 200g.
- Use the peeling water as an ecological plant fertilizer.
- Cook up to 1500g of peeled potatoes with our WunderCap knife replacement in the mixing bowl.
- Carrots or beet can also be peeled with the WunderPeeler.