[Second Choice] KitchenSlider® H | V2 Plus | Graphite Grey | for TM5/TM6


[ Thermomix TM5
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A second choice item is a new item that we do not wish to sell at the original price due to minor manufacturing-related material defects or external damage to the packaging. Please note that we can not give any information about what exact blemish it is the particular copy of the second choice item.

The new KitchenSlider® M V2 Plus made of lacquered wood, is a practical kitchen accessory that allows the Thermomix® to be used safely in the kitchen and can be conveniently moved on the worktop to the position where it wants to be used. Moreover, the sensitive scale is protected by the sliding board, which is integrated into the feet of the device.

- Protects the sensitive scale of the Thermomix TM5/TM6
- Easy to move on your kitchen worktop
- Ergonomic recessed grips at front and sides
- 2 rear Teflon gliders for effortless gliding
- 4 rubber stoppers for stable stand
- Recesses for a perfect fit of the TM5/TM6 rubber feet
- Perfect fit for the Thermomix TM5/TM6 (dimensions: 36 x 30 x 2 cm)
Outstanding function and handling

Thanks to the shapely bevel with improved grip on the front, the KitchenSlider and Thermomix are very easy to grip, lift and safely move back and forth on all surfaces. The KitchenSlider can even overcome small obstacles such as the cooktop surround: for this purpose, you reach sideways into the new grip recesses of the KitchenSlider V2 Plus and can easily move the gliding board to the right or left. 

High-quality Teflon gliders provide the best gliding properties to move the Thermomix effortlessly on the kitchen worktop. When the KitchenSlider is not being moved, four powerful rubber stoppers ensure particularly high stability even at the highest mixing levels. In addition, the three rubber feet of the food processor are inserted into corresponding recesses on the surface of the KitchenSlider and thus prevent the Thermomix from slipping on the sliding board.

Video explaining the KitchenSlider

KitchenSlider® is a brand of Wundermix GmbH. THERMOMIX® is a registered trademark of the Vorwerk Group.