On the noodle, ready, delicious! Sauces for every taste | Christine Haas | Small Edition - Tape 1

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

Small Edition - Tape 1: On the noodle, ready, delicious! Sauces for every taste

Everybody loves noodles...
...because noodles simply make you happy!

You actually already have far too many sauce recipes? But do you know such gigantic recipes as the porcini mushroom tomato sauce, paprika carbonara or the white Bolognese? The pumpkin tomato sauce as well as the Italian pesto pasta or the shrimp orange sauce are also not without.

Why not take a look at the book right now!

Here you'll find the right sauce for every pasta, so there's plenty of variety on the table.

Recipe directory
Recipes with one star* are also suitable for vegetarians
or can be prepared vegetarian.

Bolognese sauce with carrots and white wine
Bolognese sauce with ham and mushrooms
Broccoli mushroom sauce*
Cambozola® sauces* / dill cream sauce*
Carbonara sauce
Mushroom and pea sauce*
Mushroom-leek sauce* / Mushroom-bacon sauce
Emmental sauce* / Emmental cream cheese sauce*
Shrimp orange sauce / Gorgonzola grape sauce*
Green spelt bolognese sauce*
Mince sauce with vegetables
Pumpkin pesto*
Pumpkin-tomato sauce* / Pumpkin-zucchini sauce*
Salmon cream / Salmon tomato sauce*
Salmon Parmesan Sauce / Salmon Mandarin Sauce
Lentil sauce*
Almond / Nut Tomato Pestos*
Nut-carrot sauce*
Italian pesto pasta*
Rocket salad*
Cream cheese sauce* / Cream mascarpone sauce*
Cream ham sauce*
Cream sauce "Emiliana "*
Ham sauce
Asparagus-Ricotta Sauce*
Spinach-Gorgonzola sauce* / Spinach-Tomato sauce*
Porcini mushroom tomato sauce*
Tomato-basil cream sauce* / Tomato sauces*
Tomato-Cabanossi sauce / Tomato-Paprika sauce*
Tomato sauce "all'amatriciana
Tomato sauce "Aurora "*
Tomato sauce "Puttanesca" / Tuna sauce
Four cheese sauce "Quattro Formaggi "*
Savoy cabbage sauce*
Walnut pesto*
Walnut cream sauce* / Sausage sauce
White Bolognese Sauce*
Zucchini-Camembert Sauce*
Zucchini-tomato sauce with paprika*