Everyone loves CHOCOLATE

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Whether it's cake, doughnuts, syrup or desserts.
Here chocolate fans get their money's worth.

You will be amazed at how differently you can enjoy chocolate and as you leaf through the recipes, the water will run into your mouth.

All recipes are with picture, nutritional information and suitable for the Thermomix TM6 and TM5.

Over 30 recipes
Recipe booklet with loop stitching
Format: DIN A5
Number of pages: 48

Recipe overview

  • White chocolate cream
  • Nicecream
  • Lava cake on raspberry mirror
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate pudding with tonka bean
  • Choco-Tiramisu
  • Rum balls in a different way
  • Broken chocolate
  • Chocolate Crossies light & dark
  • Soft Cookies
  • Chocolate wafers
  • Chocolate donuts from the oven
  • Chocolate roll
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Chocolate Strawberry Slices
  • Mini chocolateugl
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Chocolate cherry cupcakes
  • Sweet sin
  • Juicy chocolate cake
  • Confetti Cake Pops
  • Chocolate coffee tartes
  • White chocolate tartes
  • Cheesecake "Marshmallow Dream
  • Motif cake with biscuit base
  • Chocolate berry biscuit roll
  • Hot chocolate
  • Little Choco-Americans
  • Chocolate cocake with glaze
  • Chocolate cup cake
  • Chocolate syrup light & dark
  • Chocolate granola with coconut
  • Chocolate muesli bars
  • Espresso Chocolate Syrup
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Chocolate Avocado Shake