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Cooking has never been so easy! In Monsieur Cuisine you can make your absolute favorite recipes such as chili, mac and cheese, risotto, potato soup, marble cake and much more without a stove or oven. Be amazed at how quickly and easily you can prepare dishes using just your Magic Pot.

With the all-in-one principle, you use the concentrated power of the Monsieur. While noodles, rice or sauce simmer in the mixing bowl, vegetables, fish or meat are cooked until tender in the steamer attachment. The monsieur even steams omelettes and cakes to make them super airy!

In this cookbook you will find clear step-by-step instructions for each recipe and numerous tips that are guaranteed to make the preparation a success. Look forward to ingenious family meals with pasta, potatoes, rice, vegetables as well as wholesome one-pots and super-tasty desserts. Your loved ones will be amazed! Also find ingenious tricks that make the recipes even easier and become absolutely confident in using your Monsieur Cuisines!

Get the new cookbook and experience how easy it is to cook and mix delicious all-in-one dishes with your magic pot. You'll be amazed! Order the book right here.


  • COMFORT FOOD: Irresistible pasta and spaetzle dishes with cheese
  • ONE POTS: Creamiest soups and super simple stews from the mixing bowl
  • TRICKS WITH A WOW EFFECT: We reveal the cleverest moves for the monsieur
  • POPULAR CLASSICS: Roulade, salmon, curry and more with potatoes
  • REALLY GOOD FOR YOU: risottos, lentil salad, polenta and co.
  • QUICK DESSERTS: Fluffy cakes, creamy ice cream and soft muffins are easily mixed
  • FIX MIX: Many quick recipes under 35 minutes
  • SIDE DISHES: Ciabatta, sauerkraut, dip and more mixed yourself

PAGES: 144 pages | RECIPES: 60 recipes | ISBN: 978-3-96417-227-3