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Caution: This book is written in german language!

A book of recipes prepared exclusively in the Thermomix. That is, completely without pan and without oven!

Varoma or "One-Pot". Look forward to delicious main courses that are well received by the whole family. For example, while the pork fillet is cooking in the Varoma, the noodles in the bottom of the mixing bowl simply cook with it. Then quickly mix a creamy mascarpone white wine sauce and you are ready to eat. Who likes to cook stress-free and comfortable, will love this book!

All recipes are with picture, nutritional information and suitable for the Thermomix TM6/TM5 & TM31.

Over 50 recipes
Softcover book with perfect binding
Format: 23 x 20 cm
Number of pages: 108

Recipe overview

Dishes with meat

  • Pesto Chicken with Gnocchettini
  • Pork fillet in mascarpone white wine sauce
  • Ham schnitzel in paprika cream
  • Greek roulades with potatoes
  • Goulash with bread dumplings
  • Onion Cream Chicken with Spaetzle
  • Asparagus chicken pot with rice
  • Bratwurst balls with courgettes
  • Gulasch pot "Fiesta Mexicana
  • Fruity turkey pot with rice
  • Beer meat with napkins and pretzel dumplings
  • Cassler with cabbage and mashed potatoes
  • Farm skewers with curry bacon sauce
  • Chicken pot with potato noodles
  • Lemon Garlic Chicken
  • Varoma Gyros with Kritharaki
  • Cevapcici with vegetable ice cream
  • Turkey Involtini with lukewarm pasta salad
  • Hawaiian schnitzel with curry cream sauce
  • Ital. meatballs with trulli noodles
  • Chicken fillet in mustard sauce
  • Creamy vegetables with Viennese sausages
  • Ham gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce
  • Turkey steak hunter with egg noodles
  • Turkey and cheese rolls with spring vegetables
  • Mac & Cheese with minced meat
  • Chicken rigatoni with tomato sauce

Dishes with fish

  • Lemon salmon with honey-mustard sauce
  • Shrimp and peanut curry with rice
  • Scampis in dill sauce with carrot-peas-rice
  • Pasta Tonno with spicy tomato sauce
  • Paprika-Scampi with feta cheese
  • Salmon tagliatelle with cocktail tomatoes

Vegetarian dishes

  • Spinach tortellini with mozzarella balls
  • Vegetable fusilli pot with creamy paprika sauce
  • Shepherd's plate with tzatziki
  • All kinds of vegetables with different sauces
  • Colourful vegetable curry
  • Cheese ravioli "Caprese Style
  • Savoy cabbage with cheese sauce
  • Hut pasta with creamy mountain cheese sauce
  • Colourful Chilitopf
  • Greek Risotto with Kritharaki
  • Spaetzle "Hunter's kind
  • Varoma courgette with vegetable filling
  • Lemon pasta with peas & beans
  • Mediterranean dumplings with tomato vegetables

Sweet dishes

  • Stratified cheese rhombus with raspberry sauce
  • Poppy seed potato noodles with fruit compote
  • Semolina dumplings with berry ragout