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Ice cream and apples both have their benefits. Both the fruit and the cool dessert are refreshing, especially on hot days. However, the marriage of both delicacies gives you a sweet temptation that you can serve with a pinch of cinnamon even in winter. You can prepare apple ice cream in no time in the Thermomix® and if you want to spoil your guests with a sweet delicacy that contains little refined sugar.

Which Thermomix® can you use for apple ice cream?

You can use different generations of Thermomix® for the delicate apple ice cream. No matter whether you use the TM31, the TM5 or the latest TM6, you are sure to succeed in your ice cream with the intense taste of ripe apples. Fine, cold and simply perfect – with the Thermomix® you can rely on achieving the desired result. More important than the generation of your Thermomix® is the use of the best possible ingredients when it comes to apple ice cream. Since the ice cream only requires a handful of ingredients, you should choose them carefully.

How much does apple ice cream cost with the Thermomix®?

The main ingredient in apple ice cream based on the Thermomix® recipe is the eponymous apples. Make sure that these are as ripe and sweet as possible, then they will be particularly delicious. Maybe you even have the apples in your garden at home. You can prepare four large portions of the dessert in your Thermomix® for around 2.50 euros. The ice cream parlor around the corner definitely can't keep up with that. You don't need an ice cream maker either, so you can serve your freshly made ice cream in just a few minutes.

Our apple ice cream Thermomix® recipe to look up: with and without cinnamon

Our recipe is characterized by its strong taste, which is immediately reminiscent of ripe fruit. The versatility of apple makes this dessert go well with any type of food. But the ice cream is not only suitable as a dessert, it also tastes excellent as a sweet and low-sugar alternative. How much sugar you use for your apple ice cream in the Thermomix® depends on your personal taste and on the sweetness of the apples used.

● 250 grams of ripe and sweet apples
● a pinch of cinnamon (depending on your taste or at Christmas time)
● 100 grams of Greek yogurt
● 50 grams of cream
● up to 50 grams of sugar, depending on the sweetness of the apples

Apple ice cream can be prepared quickly with the Thermomix®

1. Cut apples into small pieces the day before and freeze. You can also use the bowl during preparation.
2. Place the frozen apple pieces in the mixing bowl of your Thermomix® and chop for ten seconds on level eight. In this step you also add the sugar if your apples do not have enough sweetness.
3. Add the Greek yogurt, cream and cinnamon if using. Mix until creamy at speed four for a maximum of 30 seconds.
4. Serve immediately ice cold.

All kinds of recipes for you from Wundermix

The Thermomix® can not only prepare apple ice cream in no time, but the all-rounder is also a great help with a variety of other tasty dishes. If you still lack the inspiration you need, just take a look at the Wundermix recipe directory. You'll be amazed at how diverse the range is and how quickly you can prepare the most popular classics in no time with your Thermomix®.

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