Varoma package with heart for Thermomix TM6, TM5, TM31

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When it comes to accessories for kitchen appliances, these questions always arise:
Which accessories make sense, what can be combined, what is really worth it?
Is one accessory enough or are there useful combinations?

The Recipes with Heart editorial team has been testing Thermomix accessories for you since 2021 and has now put together a new accessories package for all Varoma fans.

What is included in the package?
  • FlexiSteam : A very valuable aid for cooking in the Varoma - simply place it on the shelf and then cook the vegetables or meat on it. It is particularly perfect for making omelettes!
  • WunderCups: Muffins - whether sweet or savory - from the Varoma turn out very well with the cups and they are versatile.
  • Liftix: The suction cup handle for the Varoma lid - with it you can comfortably lift the lid and it protects against possible scalding from hot steam and hot water.
  • FAMILY KITCHEN "light & delicious" 1/23