POWER Breakfast - Colorful breakfast recipes with the Thermomix

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

For a good start to the day!

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is close to many people's hearts, but often there is a lack of time or preparation. Especially if you work and have to take your breakfast to work, you quickly reach for the buttered pretzel from the bakery or the sausage roll in the canteen. But breakfast is very important for our metabolism.
If breakfast is omitted or if it is composed of less suitable building materials, the metabolism can lower the basal metabolic rate. Therefore, it is even more important that we give our body what it needs in the morning! A healthy balanced breakfast is also of great importance for a slim line.
In this book you will find a wide selection of varied, colorful breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare, taste great and bring a smile to your face in the morning.

The recipes can be made in the Thermomix TM6, TM5 and TM31.

Recipe overview

  • Basic porridge powder
  • Basic Breakfast Porridge
  • Pancakes with oatmeal
  • Breakfast cookies
  • Muesli bars without baking
  • Muesli bar apple-banana
  • Chocolate crunchy granola
  • Roasted Pistachio Granola
  • Winter Crunch
  • Apple Cinnamon Porridge
  • Banana-Nut-Muesli
  • Chocolate Muesli with Amaranth
  • Almond drink homemade
  • Nutty Coconut Granola
  • Salted Caramel-Peanut-Granola
  • Chocolate Peanut Bowl
  • Jelly-Peanut Butter-Porridge
  • Crunchy Tropical Topping
  • Caribbean Smoothie Bowl
  • Power Berry Bowl
  • Rainbow Bowl with beet
  • Summer Bowl with coconut yoghurt
  • Carrot Cake Porridge
  • Oriental Porridge
  • Vanilla poppy seed porridge
  • Pumpkin Spice Porridge
  • Overnight Oat:
  • Banana-Peanut
  • Berry-Coconut
  • Nut-Chia-Pudding with plum compote
  • Apple Plum Porridge
  • Apple Cinnamon Granola
  • Quinoa bowl with roasted fruits
  • Chia raspberry jelly
  • Raspberry coconut jelly
  • Energy Bites:
  • Coconut-Cranberry
  • Tropical
  • Raspberry-Cashew
  • Apricot-Coconut
  • Cocoa-Pistachio
  • Coffee-Fig
  • Carrot-Cake