monsieur cuisine by mein ZauberTopf Christmas SPECIAL - Issue 02/2022

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Hint: This issue is written in german language.

Now the time of the great Christmas baking begins. With the first big Christmas SPECIAL for Monsieur Cuisine, you'll get the best recipes and tips in the bakery.

Marvel at how quickly the magic pot kneads the cookie dough for you and how you can prepare lots of crispy cookies in no time at all to fill your cookie jars! Also look forward to enchanting decoration ideas for your atmospheric home, where you will enjoy the special time. Plus, we'll show you our 24 best tricks for why we'd never want to be without Monsieur Cuisine when it comes to baking again.

Get the big Christmas SPECIAL now and sweeten the pre-Christmas season for your loved ones this year with homemade gifts. Order the SPECIAL right here or download the PDF directly.


  • FAMILY HITS: Simple treats from quick Linzer Schnitten to hot chocolate
  • BAKING WITH APPLE: The best apple punch and candy apples like from the Christmas market
  • 24 TRICKS: Why Monsieur Cuisine is the perfect baking helper!
  • FESTIVELY DECORATING: How to conjure up Christmas spirit in your home in style
  • TRENDBREAK: Cronuts, cruffins, plucked bread and more with our favorite: cinnamon sugar
  • GENIALLY EASY: We make a dough for four different butter cookies
  • BURNED ALMonds: How to make this little treat in Monsieur Cuisine