Monsieur Cuisine by mein ZauberTopf 01/2023

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Caution: This Issue is written in german language.

DELICIOUS MOMENTES: This new edition of monsieur cuisine by ZauberMix for your delicious moments this winter! Relax and make’it really cozy at home! We serve you irresistible ideas to feel good. Do you fancy hot dishes like goulash with rice, vegetable cream soups, full-bodied pasta with sauce, salami baguettes or steaming rice dishes all in one? Or would you like to bake delicious cakes like our no-bake meringue cake, simple Frankfurter Kranz slices from a baking sheet or cakes with cherries and chocolate? Whatever you're in the mood for: It will be CLEAR!

EXCEPTIONAL: In this new issue, we reveal ingenious tricks for basic cleaning of the Monsieur Cuisine – all are explained in detail, so you experience your magic pot in the new year like new. You'll also learn how to save space in the kitchen with the Monsieur. You'll also be amazed at the remarkable tricks that simplify the cooking process. Don't miss any of these great tricks!

EASY START TO THE YEAR: And, of course, you'll find great ideas for getting the year off to an easy start, as well as kick-start recipes that will boost your immune system or allow for carefree indulgence! Teas, smoothies, well seasoned dips, creamy soups and desserts – experience how good they do!

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