Monsieur Cuisine by mein ZauberTopf Losing Weight SPECIAL- Issue 01/2023

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Hint: This issue is written in german language!

Make the start of the year easy! With the new monsieur cuisine SPECIAL "Lose weight easily and deliciously" you really have everything you need. In order to cook more easily and thus eat healthier, you usually just lack the right ideas and orientation in the infinitely large offer. We have the simple solution for you!

4 ready-made weekly plans make it possible for you to start calmly and effortlessly. Whether you want to do interval fasting, a low-carb week, start a juice diet or fully concentrate on your good body feeling - find out what the ideal way is for you and get started right away with uncomplicated recipes. With Monsieur Cuisine, you'll succeed in all 100 or so recipes right away. Whether it's breads without waiting or creamy smoothies for breakfast, quick lunches in no more than 35 minutes like chicken fricassee and pan-fried bread, or comforting dinners like lasagna and kebab platters - you'll get the right ideas here for any time of day. You can also look forward to irresistible desserts and tasty snacks that help with cravings - without a guilty conscience!

Get the new monsieur cuisine SPECIAL "Easy and delicious weight loss" right here.


  • IN A RUSH?: With these lightning recipes, there are no more excuses to eat lighter!
  • INTERVALLFASTEN: Understand the 5:2 method and get started with recipes for relief days
  • SMOOTHIE MAKER: Use the Monsieur to blend up brilliant shakes and smoothies every day!
  • HEALTHY KIDS: Prevent childhood obesity - how to do it with clever cheat vegetables!
  • PASTA EASY: Bolognese, carbonara, salmon cream sauce with zoodles - super tasty
  • CRAVING SWEET?: Juicy chocolate cake, cookies and mousse very easy sugar-free from the Monsieur!
  • 100% VEGETABLE: How rice pudding, béchamel, cream sauce and dips are easy to make vegan
  • WEEKLY PLANS: Make your start easy with ready-made weekly plans from our nutrition experts