Rezepte mit Herz Extra "LOW CARB" | Issue 01/2023

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Hint: This issue is written in german language!

"This time I'll leave it alone..."

How many times have I said this to myself, but then became weak again and have already gained one or two pounds more. I just love to eat and snack - and enjoy every bite.

How good that enjoyment and physical balance don't have to be mutually exclusive. The delicious proof is the ultra-tasty low-carb dishes and light desserts that the "Recipes with Heart" team has developed for you, in a variety that will make your family happy.

All-around well-being is the motto for our all-in-one ideas that will save you time and effort - from stews to plated meals.

Of course, you'll again find quick, balanced and affordable seasonal recipes for every day of the week. And for fans of structured plans, we have the tempting 3-Day Diet with delicious recipes and tips for every day!

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