TeigPRO | Dough remnant remover for Thermomix TM6, TM5


[ Thermomix TM5
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Which Thermomix owner does not know it: You want to quickly prepare a dough, but usually the subsequent washing of the mixing knife takes much longer than the actual dough mixing, because the sticky dough residues on the knife can really rob the last nerve - especially under the knife wings.

But now the TeigPRO offers the optimal solution for exactly this problem. With its help, you don't have to do a lot of washing up and your knife is sparkling clean again in seconds.

Whether pizza, spelt yeast, shortbread or even pasta dough, the results with the TeigPRO leave nothing to be desired. The knife is protected from contamination and thanks to the free knife surfaces you get a perfect dough result.

What is the TeigPRO (DoughPRO)?

The TeigPRO encloses the entire Thermomix blade and prevents the sticky dough from touching the core of the blade, making it much easier to remove the dough from the mixing bowl.

Thanks to the recesses and the cone-shaped design of the TeigPRO, the dough continues to be kneaded and mixed optimally. After preparation, just briefly rinse the TeigPRO and mixing bowl knife with warm water and the knife is ready for use again.


  • Easy to open thanks to the ergonomic recessed handle
  • Water-, dirt- and dough-repellent material
  • Geometric shape makes it easy to remove the dough

And this is how it works:

  1. Detach the mixing bowl knife from the mixing bowl.
  2. Open the DoughPRO and insert the knife
  3. Put on the lid of the DoughPRO
  4. Fix the DoughPRO with the mixing bowl knife in the mixing bowl and lock it with the bottom of the mixing bowl.
  5. Add ingredients
  6. Start dough program
  7. Remove finished dough and remove knife from the TeigPRO

Does the TeigPRO affect the quality of the dough?

The TeigPRO has no negative influence on the quality of the dough. The TeigPRO even favors the mixing and kneading process of the dough ingredients due to its special design.

How much dough can I use with the TeigPRO?

The TeigPRO is suitable for dough quantities up to max. 600g flour (soft dough) and 37°C. For particularly hard doughs (e.g. pasta dough), a smaller amount of flour is recommended (max. 300g). The optimal mixing levels of the TeigPRO are 2-3 and the dough mode. The use of higher mixing levels is not recommended.

Care instructions

After use, the TeigPRO can either be rinsed with lukewarm water or cleaned in the dishwasher at 60°C.

Note: It may happen that small amounts of dough ingredients settle between the mixing bowl bottom and the TeigPRO. This may cause unusual noises, which have no technical influence on the Thermomix.