[Second choice] Easyslider® | Acrylic sliding board for Monsieur Cuisine

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  • Schont die empfindliche Waage des Monsieur Cuisine
  • 2 rückseitig befestigte Teflongleiter für müheloses Gleiten
  • 4 Gummistopper für stabilen Stand
  • Glatte Oberfläche für einen perfekten Sitz der Monsieur Cuisine Saugnäpfe
  • Höchste Qualität - Made in Germany
  • Unauffällig, jedoch trotzdem optisch perfekt an den Monsieur Cuisine angepasst
  • Erhältlich als EasySlider „Smart“ oder EasySlider „Trend + Connect“

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Model: Connect & Trend
SKU: SW11896.1

A second choice item is a new item that we do not wish to sell at the original price due to minor manufacturing-related material defects or external damage to the packaging. Please note that we can not give any information about what exact blemish it is the particular copy of the second choice item.

When things get busy in the kitchen again, it's just too colorful without the EasySlider!
Whether it's a big family party, a sweet baking session with the kids, or even kitchen cleaning: every now and then, even Monsieur Cuisine has to move from its familiar place.
With our Wundermix EasySlider, the MC can be moved easily, quickly and safely across any kitchen countertop. Without scratching, squeaking or great effort.


  • Protects the sensitive scale of the Monsieur Cuisine
  • 2 Teflon glides attached to the back for effortless gliding
  • 4 rubber stoppers for stable stand
  • Smooth surface for a perfect fit of the Monsieur Cuisine suction cups
  • Highest quality - Made in Germany
  • Unobtrusive, but still visually perfectly adapted to the Monsieur Cuisine
  • Available as EasySlider "Smart" or EasySlider "Trend + Connect

So simple and so effective: Handling with the EasySlider is child's play

Place the Monsieur Cuisine with the suction cups on the EasySlider and press on. It is important that the EasySlider logo faces forward before pressing it on. Thanks to the suction cups, the Monsieur Cuisine is firmly attached to the EasySlider.

To move it, lift the Monsieur Cuisine with one or both hands at the front until the EasySlider is only standing on the two Teflon glides. Now the food processor can be pulled to the desired position and lowered. The rubber stoppers ensure a safe and stable stand on the work surface.

Creating space in the kitchen - done in a flash with the EasySlider

Even obstacles such as the edge of the hob are no problem for the EasySlider. It easily overcomes any unevenness on the worktop. To do this, you grab the side of the Monsieur Cuisine and can easily move the sliding board together with the food processor.

The light weight of the EasySlider also makes it particularly ergonomic to use.

The EasySlider for the Monsieur Cuisine is available in the "Smart" and "Trend + Connect" versions. Please select the correct model when ordering!