Monsieur Cuisine by ZauberMix 01/2024

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Start the new year with 60 feel-good dishes from your Monsieur Cuisine: lasagne, rice pudding, family favorites – homemade tastes best!

OVEN FAVORITE: Try lasagne, nacho casserole, salami pizza and XXL hash browns. Uncomplicated, hot and incredibly tasty!

CHEESECAKE: Whether base or cream filling, with the Monsieur you can easily create the components for our new cheesecake variations.

SO EASY: Lipstick, silky body lotion, citrus peeling – create your own natural cosmetics with the Monsieur now!

Get the new edition of monsieur cuisine by ZauberMix now!

NEW MONSIEUR: 25 tips for your successful start
LASAGNE: Enjoy new ingenious combinations from the Monsieur
FAMILY FAVORITE: Create pancakes, pancakes and patties that everyone loves
IMMEDIATE RECIPES: Quickly mix up light, filling dishes that are good for you
COSMETICS: Make creams, lotions and balms yourself at Monsieur at low cost