mein ZauberTopf - edition 02/2023

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Hint: This magazine is written in German language!

OFF TO SPRING! This issue of mein ZauberTopf really has it all! Packed with super-clever recipes and ingenious tips, you'll experience your Thermomix in a whole new way.

SIMPLE GENIAL: Do you also love to cook something really delicious with just a handful of ingredients? Then you've come to the right place. In this issue, we show you how to cook truly great food with the Thermomix in no time at all. Look forward to uncomplicated all-in-one dishes with light chicken and perfect sauces, clever lightning recipes for which you only have to spend 15 minutes or irresistible ideas with green asparagus, spaghetti, peas and carrots!

LOVE EASTER: Hosting brunch doesn't have to be stressful. Get inspiration here for quick spreads and dips, soft pretzel bunnies and little cream cheese rolls, and Greek farmer's salad - all conveniently prepared in the Thermomix®. At coffee time, we serve refrigerator cakes that you can prepare perfectly or cream desserts with vanilla pudding, coconut or mango. Eggnog and herbal salt will be served as guest gifts. And there's love everywhere. Your guests will be thrilled!

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  • NEW, FAST, DELICIOUS: You don't want to miss these 63 brilliant recipes!
  • FOR GUESTS: Stay relaxed with our easy brunch ideas.
  • BREAKFAST Egg: How to make it really perfect in the Thermomix
  • THE BEST CAKE: eggnog cake, pluck cake, cheesecake and more
  • TO WATCH: All the tips on how to use your Thermomix even more often!