Kassler with variable sauce

Kassler Mit Variabler Soße - Wundermix GmbH

You get the best taste when you stay away from bags and cook yourself from healthy ingredients. On the one hand, you know what's in it and on the other hand - and this is the delight of the palate - it tastes much better than when you buy it.

Today we're inviting you to try our super simple #recipe for Kassler or rather its sauce. With the help of our #Thermomix®, this is not only ready quickly, but also wonderfully finely pureed, so that all the fresh ingredients can develop their aroma directly during preparation.

What will be your favorite basic sauce recipe in the future?

Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 150 minutes

Basic sauce recipe
• 50g oil
• 2 large onions, diced
• 1 kg fresh or frozen soup vegetables
• 2 large round garlic
• Pepper
• Salt
• Chilli
• Caraway seeds
• 1.5 L water without beer = directly 2L
Extra ingredients
• 0.5 L black beer or dark wheat
• 2 tbsp potato flour
• 1 tbsp mustard

Heat the oil in a pot on the stove, fry the onion, garlic and the soup vegetables. Pour in 1.5 liters of water, add spices and cook until soft.
Then add the vegetables and the liquid to the mixing bowl, puree everything finely and then pour it back into the pot. Add beer and let the sauce simmer gently for 15 minutes. If you don't like beer, leave it out and replace the liquid with water)
Mix potato flour with a little water, pour into the sauce and bring to the boil. Then season the sauce with mustard and spices. If you don't need that much sauce, you can make the sauce entirely in the Thermomix with fewer vegetables. The sauce is very suitable for Kassler roast or cooked beef, and very good for oven goulash. Also suitable as a sauce for grilled meat.
Place the pork roast in an oven-safe dish, pour the hot sauce over it and cook in the oven at 130°C/b> with the lid closed for 2 hours.
Cut the cooked beef into slices, place in a baking pan and pour the hot sauce over it and let it steep for a short time.

If you don't need that much sauce, you can make it entirely in the Thermomix with fewer vegetables.
This sauce is very suitable for smoked pork, cooked beef or oven goulash. It can also be used as a sauce for grilled meat and as a base for mushroom cream sauce.

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