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World novelty: MiPla® warming hood S for the cooking insert of the Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine.
With the world innovation for the cooking insert, keeping food warm in the cooking basket is no longer a problem. The MiPla® heat-retaining hood is simply slipped over the cooking insert and the food underneath stays warm for a long time.
  • Suitable for the cooking basket of all Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine models
  • Keeps all cooked food optimally warm
  • Sandwich process with high insulation factor
  • Inner fabric water-repellent and washable
  • Warming cover washable with hand wash at 30 degrees
  • Highest quality - Handmade in Germany
  • Made from premium fabrics
The Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine make cooking and preparation much easier, but nevertheless, some steps have to be done one after the other. Whereas in the past you had to get creative if you wanted to keep rice, potatoes or noodles warm in the cooking basket while mixing the sauce, today you can simply put the MiPla® warming hood over the cooking insert. This world first for the food processor makes keeping cooked food warm easier than ever.  
Thanks to the sandwich process used, the cooked food is kept ideally warm for a longer period of time thanks to the good insulation. This is due to the fact that in the hood different materials lie on top of each other, which retain the heat inside and protect it from external cold. This means that you can continue cooking in the Thermomix or Monsieur Cuisine in peace and quiet, so that everything can be served at the ideal temperature on the plate later.  
If rice, potatoes and the like are still a little damp from cooking, that's no problem. For one thing, the inner fabric of the MiPla® Keep Warm Cover S for cooking is water-repellent, and for another, it is washable. After each use, the cover can be easily cleaned. To do this, it is best to rinse everything by hand with lukewarm water. 
Since the hood comes into close contact with food, only high-quality premium fabrics have been used - manufactured by hand.
The MiPla® Keep Warm Hood fits over the cooking insert of all Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine models.
The MiPla warming hoods are available in two sizes
Size S fits the cooking insert of the Thermomix & Monsieur Cuisine (190 mm x 185 mm x 125 mm)
Size L suitable for cooking container + cooking insert | Thermomix & Monsieur Cuisine (410 mm x 290 mm x 210 mm)