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My readers love my healthy breakfast alternatives, balanced main courses and delicious salads. But what they also really like are uncomplicated cakes and simple tarts.
We have them every weekend and I bake them the traditional way. So with white flour, sugar and butter or oil, because that's the only way the cake tastes like grandma's. As much as I usually cook health-consciously, I allow myself this luxury. However, I don't overdo it with the amount of sugar or the portion size!

Who is my new baking book “Cake is always possible!” suitable for?
The new book is ideal for anyone who likes to bake cakes and pies but doesn't want to spend hours in the kitchen.
The 60 new recipes are easy to prepare and also suitable for absolute baking beginners - anyone can bake these cake recipes with the Thermomix!
These are exclusive recipes (except for a few classics from the blog) that will not be available on the blog or social media.