WonderSlicer V2

Slice & grate

What you eat with your eyes! Decorative cuts and incomparable textures in no time!

Transparent container

Always keep an eye on the fill level and cutting results with the transparent collection container!

Bestseller since 2022

> 90,000 customers who have already chosen our WunderSlicer.

Made in Germany

Short delivery routes & ensuring our high quality standards thanks to regional production.

5 year warranty

Optimized for durability and robustness!
With the 5-year manufacturer's warranty you are on the safe side. (Warranty conditions)

Large capacity

The transparent collecting container holds up to 1500 g of sliced ​​vegetables. This means the WunderSlicer is the perfect support for processing large quantities.

Practical juice separation function

The new WunderSlicer V2 has with an optional juice separation function.
The plug provided can be used to regulate whether the resulting juice is collected in the container or flows directly into the mixing bowl for further processing.

Storing the juice separator plug

The bottom of the WunderSlicer container offers the possibility to safely store the small plug of the juice separation function. This way you won't lose it and you will always have the plug to hand when you need it.

Ergonomic one-hand grip

For the first time, the WunderSlicer V2 features a practical one-hand handle for more comfortable handling, faster cleaning and easier transfer of the cut material.

Rounded inner contour

Compared to the WunderSlicer V1, the inside of the new collection container is rounded. This makes it easier for you to empty the container and enables thorough cleaning.

Vegetable cutting rethought!

Our WunderSlicer has enjoyed enormous popularity since 2022 and is in continuous use every day in countless households all over the world.

Now we asked ourselves how we could make our top seller even better. The result is the new WunderSlicer V2.

Move the green button back and forth and discover the visual differences between the two versions!




Our WunderSlicer in comparison


TM6 | TM5

TM6 | TM5 | TM31

Running direction

Clockwise rotation


Ergonomic handle


Sealing the container




Improved spread form



5 years

5 years

Dishwasher safe