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Meal-Prep is the modern abbreviation of the English expression “ Meal Preparation”, which means pre-cooking meals. How does it work? Well, basically just cook a few more portions, bottle them and take the (healthy!) pre-cooked food with you to work, the playground, university... the following days. And who is more suitable than our Thermomix?

5 unbeatable arguments why meal prep is worth it

1. Save money:

If you only go shopping once a week, you usually spend a lot less money than if you make small purchases several times a week. Leftovers don't end up in the trash, as is often the case, but instead go straight into the lunch box.

2. Save time:

Of course, it takes time for meals to be prepared. But if you cook in advance for several days, you save yourself additional shopping, cooking and cleaning up on the remaining days.

3. More fun while shopping:

Make a list before you go shopping. Think in categories: vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, wheat, fat. Then try to include at least one new food per week every week. Had salmon last week? Try swordfish this week.

4. Portion Control:

You know exactly what and how much is in it. The portions are usually larger than your hunger. Still nothing remains. That really can't happen here.

5. It's not all or nothing:

You don't have to pre-cook all of your food. Stay flexible. Breakfast and dinner can be prepared ad hoc or enjoyed in the restaurant.

And why is the Thermomix particularly suitable for this?

1. Libra:

A particularly important part of meal prep is weighing the respective components. Thanks to the integrated scales in the Thermomix, weighing and preparation can be done in one bowl.

2. All in One:

Chop vegetables, mix dressing, steam fish. This all happens at the same time and turns the already time-saving meal prepping into speed prepping.

3. Lots of space:

A whole 5 days of rice with broccoli and fish fit into the mixing bowl and Varoma without any problems. Without any detours: directly from the Thermomix into the lunch box.

Dare to go for it! We hope you have fun meal prepping. :-) 

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