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This will be your year! Experience a real sense of achievement with the new ZauberTopf SPECIAL "Lose Weight". This special edition contains everything you really need. The principle: We show you very simple recipes with ingredients you love. All dishes are easy to prepare and taste delicious. By the way, they are easy, healthy and good for you.

In this SPECIAL you will find ready-made weekly plans from our nutrition experts. You can use them to get started in a relaxed and really uncomplicated way. First find out what you feel like doing and which principle fits into your life.

With Interval Fasting 5:2, you don't have to do without anything - for the days of relief, you'll find wonderful dishes that can be cooked in no time at all in the Thermomix. If you want to start your low carb week, you'll find favorite recipes for juicy bread, a hearty kebab plate, or vegetable pasta with delicious Italian bolognese, so you can eat like you always have! We'll show you how to prepare your favorites really smart low carb.

In the mood for a juice cleanse? Then we'll prepare the colorful juices in the Varoma and give you the cure plan right at hand, so that you feel absolutely safe. For a really good body feeling in the new year, opt for the Body Positivity Week, in which you cook gourmet dishes in the Thermomix that simply do you good and are so wholesome that you feel fitter and happier after just a short time! With the Thermomix, you're guaranteed to succeed with the 100 or so recipes in the SPECIAL.

Get the new mein ZauberTopf SPECIAL "Lose Weight" right here!

Simply slim with Dr. Anne Fleck
For this issue of mein ZauberTopf, the TV doctor and cookbook author answered all our questions about the Einfach-Schlank method in an interview. She also brought along some of her tried and tested recipes, which you can now also prepare in the Thermomix.

Ingenious 5-ingredient cuisine
Delicious, healthy and balanced food with just a few ingredients? How we cook lasagna, stew and meatballs Tuscany quite simply with only 5 fresh ingredients 100% healthier? Find out in this special how easy and effortless it is with the right ideas in the Thermomix!

7 real fat burners
Which ingredients melt away the pounds and how they can be turned into delicious meals? We show the ideal recipes for vegetable curry, tender chicken, salmon with spelt and homemade iced tea from the Thermomix for really do well and at the same time the kilos dwindle.

Weight loss coach
With these 10 essential tips you start successfully. The tips are really simple but effective. ZauberTopf ecotrophologist Charlotte Heyn reveals the most effective means to help you achieve your goal every day.

The best breads without waiting
What's stopping you from baking your own healthy bread? Fresh and crusty bread is healthy. Our breads, which go straight from the mixing bowl to the oven, show you how to bypass long resting times. From now on, you'll have fresh, fragrant bread just like from the bakery - without additives, sugar or flavorings. So your start to every day is simply much healthier!

SOS - Stop the craving for snacks!
Do you know where your cravings come from and what helps against them? We reveal the 6 appetite busters that stop cravings for snacks and snacking. The best part: they're still sweet, salty or chocolatey though made with smart ingredients. So there are muesli crossies with chocolate, potato chips, quark bars and more for the little cravings.

Self-mixed juice cure
Fresh juices as a basis for a cure are absolutely trendy. It's no wonder, because they taste great and you can make them yourself with the Thermomix® instead of buying expensive ones. We reveal our favorite juices and have a cure plan for you to follow. In the guide, you'll learn how easy it is to succeed on a juice diet!

The top 10 low carb recipes
Check out the top 10 low carb recipes of all time! Included: a hearty kebab plate, stuffed peppers and juicy yogurt bread, as well as chocolate cake and fruity blueberry pie. The secret: We show you how to prepare the most popular dishes in a simple, low-carb way. So you won't be missing out on anything you love! EXTRA: 25 smart tricks for your successful low-carb time that you should know.