Motley mixed! | Christine Haas | Tape 12

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

These recipes are all new, it is not a summary of the existing books!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31, as well as without TM!

A book packed with lots of great recipes, all quick and easy to prepare, both with and without the TM.

Hand on heart: Food is really balm for our soul. So let every bite melt in your mouth! And not only food can be prepared with the Thermi. For example, you can make lemon peel for velvety skin, bath chocolates or even cookies for cats and dogs.

Or how about homemade garlic oil and currant vinegar as well as a liqueur or something to nibble on? These and many other recipes are also wonderful for gift giving.

You'll find 75 recipes with color photos, 65 of which are for vegetarians!

Recipe index:
Recipes with a star * are also for vegetarians or can be
can be prepared vegetarian.

Breads, rolls & spreads
Baba Ganoush - Eggplant Cream *
Chili bell pepper and chili plum jam *
Strawberry-Asparagus Jam *
Fake liver sausage / cream cheese baguette *
Greaves vegetarian *
Hummus *
Cheese sandwiches *
Malt beer bread *
Jam pear plum *
Milk roll *
Nut Bread with Buttermilk *
Arugula-cream cheese spread *

Salads, vinegar & oil
Caesar Salad *
Feta cheese pickled *
Red currant vinegar *
Garlic oil *
Tortellini Salad Greek *

Main Dishes
Baked Beans Bean Pot *
Cauliflower au gratin *
Cevapcici with rice and sauce *
Duck breast *
Fillet with rice and paprika-fresh cheese sauce *
Main courses *
Meat patties cheese bacon / broccoli mashed potatoes *
Chicken fried with orange-soy sauce *
Königsberger meatballs
Polenta slices *
Jerk spaghetti *
Spaghetti with orange sauce *
Spaetzle casserole *
Spinach Feta Rolls *
Tzatziki pasta *
Zucchini Gratin *
Zucchini-carrot rice with minute steaks *

For guests
Mini pizzas *
Pizza Hawaii *
Zucchini camembert cake *
Onion gratin *
Vegetable muffins *
Cheese fondue in a baguette *

Raspberry-milk-girl curd *
Mango mascarpone cream *
Pudding with eggnog, caramel and nougat *
Chocolate-almond cream / Chocolate-marzipan curd *
Plum sauce *

Cakes, tarts & cookies
Cake-Pops *
Cookies chocolate hazelnut *
Yeast plait *
Marble cake fivefold *
Cereal croissants *
Nut tarts *
Peach-passion fruit tart *
Plum chocolate cake *
Russian crumble cake *

Liqueurs & Drinks
Amaretto *
Pear-Mango-Smoothie / Berry-Smoothie *
Coffee Chocolate Liqueur / Toffee Liqueur *
Tonka bean liqueur *

To nibble
Granola / Crispy Muesli *
Honey nuts *
Nut mix / spice nuts *

Bath chocolates / bath granules
"Dog & Cat" cookies for our fur noses *
Lemon peeling *