Herbimizer® | Herb pot with automatic irrigation system

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Welcome a new era of herb care with our Herbimizer - the herb pot with automatic watering function. The Herbimizer is the ultimate solution for always having fresh herbs in the kitchen without having to think about watering them every day. From now on there is no more basil, which leaves its leaves drooping shortly after purchase. The Herbimizer reliably supplies your plants with the perfect amount of water at all times. Our innovative kitchen gadget combines minimalist design with a sophisticated irrigation system to ensure that your herbs always stay crisp, fresh, juicy green and 100% healthy.


  • Automatic watering of your culinary herbs to prevent premature wilting
  • Keeps your herbs fresh for up to 5 weeks
  • No electrics, no frills: for ease of use and maximum service life
  • Water tank with 0.5 liter capacity
  • 100% BPA free made from food grade plastic
  • Regional production - Made in Germany

Smart herb pot with automatic watering system

No more constant watering! The Herbimizer has a clever irrigation system that continuously monitors the moisture content of the soil and precisely supplies the required amount of water as needed.
Since the water tank is transparent, you can see the current level at all times and immediately recognize when the tank needs to be refilled. As a rule, it is sufficient to replenish the water used once a week.

Which plants does the Herbimizer work with?

The Herbimizer is ideal for all types of culinary herbs, for example parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, chives or coriander.

How does the self-watering herb pot work?

The Herbimizer has a 0.5 liter water tank. A layer of planting substrate (included) is distributed into the plastic pot. The purchased herb pot without a plastic bowl is placed on the substrate. Now just fill up the water tank and insert it into the base.
The amount of water is now automatically regulated using a sophisticated system based on a physical principle, depending on how warm it is and how thirsty your herbs are.

Scope of delivery:
Herbimizer herb pot with water tank
0.5 liters of plant substrate