EggPro | Egg holder attachment for WunderPeeler (without carrier)


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There is nothing better than starting the day full, happy and full of energy. 
That's why Wundermix usually serves freshly baked rolls, hearty cold cuts, cheese and, of course, freshly cooked eggs from our new EggPro. 


  • Interchangeable attachment for the WunderPeeler carrier
  • Egg holder attachment for 5 eggs (S-L)
  • Handle protects fingers from heat
  • Easy removal with the spatula
  • Requires less water than the egg program
  • For the WunderPeeler Thermomix / Monsieur Cuisine 
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • Regional, sustainable production - Made in Germany

Conventional egg cooking in the Thermomix: not very efficient 
With the cooking basket or with the mode "cook eggs" breakfast eggs could be prepared in the food processor for some time. 
However, these methods still had too many shortcomings for our taste - including the complicated removal of the eggs after cooking and the higher water consumption.

Egg cooking in the Thermomix: simply easier with Wundermix
We were sure: This can be done even better! That's why we've been working diligently on an alternative over the past weeks and months: With the new EggPro, you can conjure up delicious breakfast eggs in your Thermomix or Monsieur Cuisine in no time at all. And with significantly less water and without endangering your fingers. 

EggPro - our professional for your breakfast 
The EggPro is an egg holder attachment for the WunderPeeler carrier. 
It can cook up to 5 eggs sizes S-L at a time in just 150 ml of water and then, thanks to its high handle, can be effortlessly removed from the food processor using the spatula.
Quick guide:

  1. Attach EggPro interchangeable attachment to the WunderPeeler carrier.
  2. Weigh 150 g of water into the Thermomix / 300 g of water into the Monsieur Cuisine.
  3. Boil eggs:
    For soft eggs: 8 min / Varoma / level 1.
    For semi-soft eggs: 10 min / Varoma / speed 1
    For hard eggs: 15 min / Varoma / level 1
  4. Remove EggPro by the handle and quench eggs.
  5. Enjoy eggs.

Important notice: 
This item only includes the egg holder replacement attachment as an add-on for the WunderPeeler. The required WunderPeeler carrier is not included.
If you do not own a WunderPeeler, please order the EggPro incl. carrier for 24,95 €.