"under & over" breads, rolls and spreads | Christine Haas | Tape 5

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Caution: This book is written in german language!

Recipes are suitable for TM6, TM5 and TM31!

Tape 5: "under & over" breads, rolls and spreads.
Surprise guests? It won't be you who's surprised, but your guests,
how quickly you can conjure up crispy fresh breads, rolls and fantastic spreads on the table! Or simply for the family for a snack. Homemade spreads
always taste good! To top it off, bake the bread to go with it. It really doesn't get any fresher than this! What do you think of a baguette like from the bakery, pretzel sandwiches, a multigrain bread, cheese sticks or a yogurt bread? Accompanied by a Greek spread, cheese tartar, Italian or pistachio cream, or would you prefer an obatzter or jam? Browse through right now and find
and find something to suit your taste! You'll find over 85 great ideas with color photos.

Recipe directory:

Apple and onion butter

Baguette several

Baguette like from the baker

Balsamic grain bread

Farmhouse bread

Beer stanger

Pretzel rolls

Brie cranberry cream

Buttermilk bread

Buttermilk spelt bread

Buttermilk sandwiches

Curry pineapple dip

Date spread

Spelt grain sandwiches

Spelt rye bread

Spelt-Rye Semmeln

Spelt rolls

Egg spread

Egg cream

Pita bread

Pita bread

French white bread

Cream cheese creamy (cream cheese dips)

Cream cheese leek spread (cream cheese dips)

Breakfast sandwiches

5-grain toast

Greek spreads

Hazelnut butter

Hearty spread

Italiano cream

Yogurt bread

Cheese sandwiches

Cheese sticks, cheese baguette

Cheese tartar


Carrot spread

Carrot-pumpkin seed bread

Potato bread

Potato spelt bread

Potato-sesame sandwiches

Fridge baguette

Pumpkin-yogurt sandwiches

Pumpkin seed spread

Salmon spread

Salmon butter

Salmon egg spread

Country bread

Linseed bread


Jam "Pineapple-Banana

Jam "Blackberry-Banana

Jam "Cherry-Amaretto

Jam "Kiwi-Gooseberry

Jam "Sunrise

Marmalade "Cherry-Marzipan

Mason's bread

Multigrain bread


Milk sandwiches

Mixed bread with sunflower seeds

Poppy seed rolls

Muesli roll

Nut yogurt bread

Nut-almond rolls


Pistachio cream

Pizza rolls

Radish curd cheese

Rye-grain bread

Rye mixed bread with grains

Rye sour cream bread

Arugula spread

Salami spread

Sandwich cream

Sheep cheese spread

Ham and cheese spread

Ham and salami cream

Snail sandwiches

Swiss Bürli

Sunflower spread

Sunflower bread

Bacon and onion loaf

Southern spreads

Tuna dip

Toast bread

Tomato butter

Tomato-olive butter

Turkish Obatzter

Wholemeal bread

Walnut bread

World champion dip

Zucchini bread