[Second Choice] WunderButler | Monsieur Cuisine lid holder

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A second choice item is an as-new item that we do not wish to sell at the original price due to minor manufacturing-related material defects or external damage to the packaging or product surface. Please note that we can not give any information about which exact blemish it is in the particular copy of the B-goods. The function of the product is not affected in any way.

Where to put the mixing bowl lid after cooking? For this question we have the ideal solution: the Wundermix WunderButler. The perfect lid holder for the Monsieur Cuisine – simple, clever and innovative.
It facilitates handling with the Monsieur Cuisine and protects the kitchen from unnecessary chaos. Simply attach the Wunderbutler to the housing with the suction cups and hook the mixing bowl lid into place when needed. Two storage positions allow liquid to drip back and the lid to be stored effortlessly.


  • Smart attachment of the mixing bowl lid between the preparation steps
  • Possibility to put down the lid after cooking to remove the mixing bowl
  • More flexibility – the working surface remains free and clean
  • No spilling – Liquids on the lid drip directly back into the mixing bowl
  • Three strong suction cups provide a secure hold
  • Regional, sustainable production – Made in Germany
  • Positioning template for precise attachment

Quick guide

  1. Remove the mixing bowl and clean the mounting surface so that it is free of dust and grease.
  2. Place the positioning template on the housing and align the WunderButler with the suction cups.
  3. Press the three suction cups onto the housing.
  4. To remove the WunderButler use the pull tabs on the three suction cups.

WunderButler Positions:

Front position: Putting down the mixing bowl lid to allow liquids on the mixing bowl lid to flow back into the mixing bowl.
Rear position: Storage position for inserting and lifting out the mixing bowl

Cleaning instruction

For cleaning, use a mild household cleaner and a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use sponges, brushes and abrasive cleaners, they can cause small scratches on the surface. The WunderButler is NOT dishwasher safe.