[Second Choice] TeigTwister® | aluminum dough dissolver for Monsieur Cuisine Connect

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A second choice item is a new item that we do not wish to sell at the original price due to minor manufacturing-related material defects or external damage to the packaging. Please note that we can not give any information about what exact blemish it is the particular copy of the second choice item.

With the knife turning aid made of high-quality aluminum, doughs can be effortlessly removed from the mixing bowl of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

The TeigTwister looks elegant and fits perfectly in the hand. It supports the removal of heavy and sticky doughs: Simply place the TeigTwister from below onto the blade of the upside-down mixing bowl, turn a few times until the dough falls out of the mixing bowl.

Product information
Length: 43 mm

Diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 45 g

Hand washing only!

Highest quality "Made in Germany" - manufactured in regional handicraft business in Bavaria.