Traditional cuisine in a modern twist: mashed potatoes with the Thermomix®

Traditionelle Küche im modernen Gewand: Kartoffelpüree mit dem Thermomix® - Wundermix GmbH

Every family probably has its own recipe for mashed potatoes that has been passed down from generation to generation. Is it like that for you too? There is hardly any other recipe that represents both family and sophisticated cuisine as much as mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes from the Thermomix® are a delicious and, above all, simple and quick interpretation of the great classic. Floury potatoes, a little milk, cream and butter for the intense taste and a pinch of nutmeg - you don't actually need much for the mashed potatoes from the Thermomix®. If you feel like cooking a classic spontaneously, then this recipe is the right choice for you.

Mashed potatoes - easy to prepare and therefore an optimal Thermomix® recipe

When making mashed potatoes according to the Thermomix® recipe, pay particular attention to the type of potatoes. The flourier these are after cooking, the creamier and finer your finished mashed potatoes from the Thermomix® will be. You can find the ingredients for the recipe listed here:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1500 kg floury potatoes (peel and cut into pieces)
  • 100g butter
  • 200 ml milk
  • 200 ml cream
  • salt and nutmeg

1, 2, porridge: Prepare mashed potatoes quickly in the Thermomix®

The potato is of course the focus of mashed potatoes from the Thermomix®. If you are making mashed potatoes from the Thermomix® for the first time, just try out one of the many types of potatoes. It is particularly delicious with organic potatoes from the nearby farmer.


Hang the cooking basket in the mixing bowl, add the water and a teaspoon of salt. Cook the tubers for 30 minutes on level 1 on the Varoma setting.

Heat remaining ingredients

Remove the cooking basket and empty your mixing bowl. Now add butter, milk, cream, nutmeg and another teaspoon of salt into the mixing bowl. Heat the liquid for 2 minutes at 120 degrees on level 1.


Finally, add the potatoes and mix the mixture for about 30 seconds on speed three. Season your Thermomix® mashed potatoes and serve them immediately.

Is it all uniformity? Which Thermomix® goes well with mashed potatoes?

The power of your Thermomix® plays an important role in the delicious recipe. The TM 6, TM 5 and TM 31 ensure that the potatoes, together with the milk and butter, form a creamy unit. Feel free to adapt the recipe to your liking and refine it until it is perfect for you. With the Thermomix® this is very easy.

How much does it cost you to prepare mashed potatoes in the Thermomix®?

The mashed potatoes from the Thermomix® will cost you around three to four euros for four to five people. You probably already have some of the ingredients at home, so you can spontaneously prepare the delicious side dish for meatballs etc.

Wundermix - conjures up the miracle in the Thermomix® and on the table

Home-style and classic cuisine is currently undergoing change. The mashed potatoes according to the Thermomix® recipe also contribute to this. Less fat, better nutritional values ​​and faster preparation are on the agenda today. The wide range of ideas at Wundermix shows that food doesn't always have to be exotic and that a delicious recipe can stand the test of time. Use your Thermomix® every day and surprise yourself with the amazing versatility of your kitchen helper.

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