Apple juice and applesauce from the Thermomix

Apfelsaft und Apfelmus aus dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Apple juice and applesauce recipe


  • 10 large apples



  • Quarter the apple and add the Varoma
  • Add 1000g water to the mixing bowl
  • Insert Simsafix
  • Place the lid on the mixing bowl and Varoma on top
  • 50 min. / VAROMA / set level 1
  • After 50 minutes, pour the finished juice from the Simsafix into a carafe or bottle
  • Can be enjoyed warm or cold


What do we actually do with the remaining apple from the Varoma? That’s right, applesauce!

  • Place leftover apples in mixing bowl
  • Season with cinnamon and sugar
  • Let chop for 15 seconds/speed 8

The applesauce is then ready to eat. If necessary, you can sieve it further.

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