No-bake walnut milk cake

Walnuss-Milchtorte Ohne Backen - Wundermix GmbH

A really great cake today – WITHOUT BAKING!

You can find this and many other great # Thermomix® #recipes here: “Calendar for the Thermomix® 2017 – favorite recipes, simple & delicious”

The #Landhaus team wishes you a great day!


  • 160 g walnuts ·
  • 400 g butter biscuit
  • 400 ml sweetened condensed milk (e.g. milkmaid)
  • 130 g soft butter, in pieces
  • 60 g almond leaves, roasted
  • some fat for the shape


Crush the walnuts and butter biscuits for 3 seconds/speed 5 and transfer, insert the butterfly. Add the sweetened condensed milk and butter to the mixing bowl and beat 1 min/speed 3½. Add the walnut biscuit mixture and mix for 30 seconds/LL/speed 3, using the spatula to help. Put everything in a small round greased springform pan (18 cm diameter) and sprinkle with roasted almond leaves. Place in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours and allow to solidify.


Book: Calendar/Rec.Collection 2017

Photo: Ute Galla

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